How Demons Enter

How Demons Enter



In our society, we attribute many problems which are actually spiritual (demonic) problems to merely social problems.  Demons enter into our lives through many ways which may seem innocent on the outside, but is in actuality an open door for demons to enter.  As warriors for Christ, we need to be aware of these doors in our lives, as well as our family and children, and be on guard and shut the these doors.


One of the most common entrances of demon is through channeling the spirits. Demons enter by invitation. The invitation to enter gives them legal ground to begin a oppression or possession. Demonic control is directly related to the time and effort a person engages in the channeling activity.

Channeling Activity

Channeling is an Occult method used to summon and communicate with the spirits. A list of Channeling Activity is below:


Astral Projection, Ouija Board,  Bloody Mary,  Table lifting,  Magic Eight Ball, Spell or Curses, Mental Telepathy, Automatic Handwriting,  Trances, Spirit Guides,  Fortune Telling/divination, Tarot cards, Levitation,  Magic--The Gathering,  Witchcraft/sorcery,  Satanism palm reading, Astrology/horoscopes, Hypnosis (amateur or self-induced), Seances, Black or white magic,  Dungeons & Dragons, Blood pacts or cutting yourself on purpose, Object of worship/ crystals/good luck charms, Sexual spirits, Martial arts (mysticism/devotion to sensei), Superstitions,  new Age,  Masons, Mind Science cults, Unitaianism/Universalism, Roy Master, Silva Mind Control, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga , Hare Krishna, Bahaism, Native American spirit worship, Islam , Hinduism, Buddhism (including Zen), Black Muslim Rosicrucianism, Other non-Christian religion or cults, Occult or violent video and computer games, movies, TV show, music, books, magazines or comics.*

Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Another entrance demons use is through our negative emotions. Negative emotions are first the result of the person's wrong thinking patterns. If the negative emotions and thoughts are allowed to fester for a long period of time and demon can gain a "foothold" in the mind. The demon then gains influence begins to magnify the wrong thinking with more intense and hateful thoughts. If the person does not correct that intense negative thinking pattern but encourages the thoughts, the demon can gain more control of the mind by permanently entering the mind.


Bitterness Resentment, Hatred, Unforgiveness, Violence, Temper, Anger, Retaliation, Murder

Rebellion Self-will, Stubbornness, Disobedience, Anti-submissiveness

Strife             Contention, Bickering, Argument, Quarreling, Fighting

Control Possessiveness, Dominance, Witchcraft

Retaliation Destruction, Spite, Hatred, Sadism, Cruelty

Accusation Judging, Criticism, Faultfinding

Rejection Fear of Rejection, Self-rejection

Insecurity Inferiority, Self-Pity, Loneliness, Timidity, Shyness, Inadequacy, Ineptness

Jealousy Envy, Suspicion, Distrust, Selfishness

Withdrawal Pouting, Daydreaming, Fantasy, Pretension, Unreality

Escape   Indifference, Stoicism, Passivity, Sleepiness, Alcohol, Drugs

Passivity Funk, Indifference, Listlessness, Lethargy

Depression Despair. Despondency, Discouragement, Defeatism, Dejection, Hopelessness, Suicide, Death,

                         Insomnia, Morbidity

Heaviness Gloom, Burden, Disgust

Worry             Anxiety, Fear, Dread, Apprehension

Nervousness Tension,, Headache, Nervous habits, Restlessness, Excitement, Insomnia, Roving

Sensitveness Self-awareness, Fear of man, Fear of disapproval

Persecution Unfairness, Fear of judgment, Fear of condemnation, Fear of accusation, Fear of reproof,


Mental Illness Insanity, Madness, Mania, Retardation, Senility, Schizophrenia, Paranoia, Hallucinations


Paranoia Jealousy, Envy, Suspicion, Distrust, Persecution, Fears, Confrontation

Confusion Frustration, Incoherence, Forgetfulness

Indecision Procrastination, Compromise, Confusion,Forgetfulness, Indifference

Self-Deception Self-delusion, Self-seduction, Pride

Mind-Binding Confusion, Fear of man, Fear of failure, Occult spirits, Spiritsm spirits

Mind Idolatry Intellectualism, Rationalization, Pride, Ego

Fears (all kinds) Phobias (all kinds) Hysteria

Fear of Authority Lying , Deceit

Pride      Ego, Vanity, Self righteousness, Haughtiness, Importance, Arrogance

Affectation Theatrics, Payacting, Sophistication, Pretension

Covetousness Stealing, Kleptomania, Material lust, Greed, discontent

Perfection Pride, Vanity,Ego, Frustration, Criticism, Irritability, Intolerance, Anger

Competitions Driving, Argument, Pride, Ego

Impatience Agitation, Frustration, Intolerance, Resentment, Criticism

False Burden False responsibility, False compassion

Grief Sorrow, Heartache, Heartbreak,Crying, Sadness, Cruel

Fatigue Tiredness, Weariness, Laziness

Infirmity (May include any disease or sickness)


Inheritance (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Curses)

Hyper-activity Restlessness, Driving, Pressure

Cursing Blasphemy, Course jesting, gossip, Criticism, Backbiting, Mockery, Belittling, railing

Addictive & compulsive Nicotine, Alcohol, Drugs, medications, Caffeine, Gluttony

Gluttony Nervousness, Compulsive eating, Resentment, Frustration, Idleness, Self-pity, Self-reward

Self-Accusation Self-hatred, self-condemnation

Guilt Condemnation, Shame, Unworthiness, Embarrassment

Sexual Impurity lust, Fantasy lust, Masturbation, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Adultery, Fornication, Incest, Harlotry, Rape, Exposure, Frigidity

Cults Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Urantia, Subud, Latihan, Unity, Mormonism, Bahaism, Unitarianism (Lodges, societies, and social agencies using the Bible & God as a basis but omitting the blood atonement of Jesus Christ)

Occult Ouija Board, Palmistry, Handwriting analysis, Automatic handwriting, ESP, Hypnotism, Horoscope, Astrology, Levitation, Fortune telling, Water witching, Tarot cards, Pendulum, Witchcraft, Balck magic, White magic,Conjuration, Incantation,Charms, Fetishes, Etc.

Religious Ritualism, Formalism, Legalism, Doctrinal obsession, Seduction, Doctrinal error, fear of God, Fear of Hell, Fear of lost salvation, Religiosity, Etc.

Spiritism Seance, Spirit Guide, Necromancy, Etc.

False Religions Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Islam, Shintoism, Confucianism, Etc.

Generational Curses

There could be Occult activity in your family that can be as far back as four generations. This gives demons legal ground to harass. Just as some diseases can be inherited so can demonic activity in families. The person has no idea why their mind and spirit are oppressed.


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